Conferences, trade shows, exhibitions, dance/music festivals, product launches, new housing estate launches or any other corporate event (including staff appreciation days) etc. We are also quite at home at your weekend markets.

Corporate Functions

92 Degree Espresso specialise in corporate functions. For your next trade show, industry seminar, marketing event or networking meeting, please call us to discuss a tailored package to suit your needs. We can scale up or down depending on your requirements and budget.

Private Functions

We can cater for any size private function with tailored packages to suit your requirements.

Product Launches

If you want maximum exposure for your new product or service, offering a free coffee to your guests or delegates is a great conversation starter and one of the best ways to draw in a crowd. Everyone likes a free lunch, right?

Seize the opportunity to build brand awareness by rebranding our cart with your signage or if you have your own branded disposable coffee cups we are more than happy to tailor a package to suit.

Festivals, Public Events

We are more than happy to attend large public events that require coffee carts, however we do have some minimum requirements. Please call to discuss.

Charity events

Close to our hearts is giving back to the community. We are always pleased to receive invitations to attend charity events – it is part of our corporate social responsibility.

Please see the Good Vibes page above to read about how we give back.

What areas do we cover?

Being based in the western suburbs of Melbourne, we can cover anywhere within reach of the greater Melbourne metropolitan area. We are more than happy to travel further, however there are minimum booking days required.