A little about 92 Degree Espresso....

If you are looking to hire a coffee cart in Melbourne or simply looking to hire a barista in Melbourne then you have come to the right place!

In our daily lives, we always find people making coffee – unfortunately many of them poorly

After spending nearly 10 years in the IT industry and being frustrated by the lack of specialty coffee outside of the CBD cafe's, it was time to take premium coffee to the masses. What good IT person doesn't love a great coffee? And what better place than the home of great coffee - Melbourne!

So, where does the name “92 Degree Espresso” come from? I could tell you to go Google it but I’ll make it easy for you. The optimum temperature to brew coffee is at 92 Degree. (On that, it is best extracted using 9 Bar of pressure)

The barista’s at 92 Degree Espresso are industry trained by some of the best in the business and understand the science of coffee – from bean to cup. We understand that the correct roast, the right blend, perfect extraction and silky textured milk are all players in the perfect coffee.

Our coffee carts are manufactured using “304” food grade stainless steel and comply with all council health standards with on-board filtered water supply, inbuilt milk refrigeration, separate stainless sinks for hand and utensil washing with hot water supplied from an on-board hot water service.

As you would expect, we carry full public and product liability insurance along with a rigid maintenance program including double poled electrical fit-out which is tested and tagged at regular intervals.

Depending on the size and location of the event, all that we will require on the day will be a standard power outlet. For larger outdoor events we can also supply generators to run the cart.